Thursday, July 23, 2009

There are advantages to working in a stock room....

For instance....BUBBLE WRAP!
At our house bubble wrap = hours of fun!
The possibilities are endless!
It's fun to jump on!
Sit on!
Wear as a scarf!
Or a cape!

It makes a great bed!
And of course, you can always wrap your entire body in it!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Hot Fun in the Summer!

I can't believe that summer is halfway over! There are 32 days left until school starts (oh yeah, I'm counting!). Aside from the kids fighting all day and making me want to send them to summer school, we have had a lot of fun this summer! Here's a little of what we've been up to:
Lots of playing outside!

Hiking at the park!

Making smores on our new fire pit! Lots of fun and for some reason sitting around a camp fire makes our friend, Jess get the urge to kiss Robert! haha
The Merrill's came up to visit for the weekend of the summerfest. We always have a lot of fun with them! Thanks Merrills!

My sister, Melanie came up and stayed for a whole week! She lives in Washington and we don't see her nearly enough! We had a great time with her and wish she could have stayed longer!
Melanie and Valerie and I

While she was here we went to Lagoon! We go every year in June for my dad's work Lagoon day. This year Dad, Melanie, Valerie, Chris, Lauren, Jess, Augest, Alexis and Sydney went with us. Daisey and Isaac were thrilled that this year they were tall enough to go on the big rides! Daisey even convinced me to go on Wicked with her! Aaah!

On July 2nd the kids got to meet their new cousin, Noah! Chris and Jessica were blessed with their third child this month and he sure is cute!

July 4th was filled with fun, food and fireworks! We watched the fireworks with my dad on Friday night and enjoyed our own fireworks at our house with Danny and Shayna and Ethan and Ari on Saturday night.
We watched the Cruise In earlier in the day. We never miss it!

This was Isaac's favorite of the cars! He pointed to it and said,"Hey! I have that one!" In his toy box at home!

And there you have it! If you made it all the way through this post then you deserve a prize! And a cookie!