Sunday, September 27, 2009

Dear Daisey,

This embarrassed her last year so I felt it was necessary to do it again! That's right,the dreaded birthday letter! Someday she'll thank me!
Dear Daisey,
Happy Birthday to my favorite diva! I can't believe that I am a mother to an eight year old! Everyone always says "Kids grow up so fast" but you don't fully understand just how fast until it's your baby girl growing up before your eyes!
You're in such a hurry to grow up! But just so you know, it's fine with me if you take your time, it's going by fast enough!
One of my favorite things about you is that you're never afraid to be yourself. You're just you! It doesn't matter if someone thinks you're silly or weird, you don't hide any part of who you are! You are honest and true to yourself. I hope you never lose that! Sometimes I wish I could have the confidence and honesty of an eight year old girl!
You have a heart as big as the moon and you're so willing to share it! I love that I get to be your mom and feel your love everyday! You're an amazing girl and I'm proud of you!
Love, Mom

Daisey's Diva Birthday Party!

Last Saturday our little girl turned EIGHT! That's right,Daisey is 8 going on 18!

When we were talking about what kind of party we'd celebrate with I was thinking along the lines of Tinkerbell or My Little Pony. Daisey had ideas of her own. All of the party ideas were her own. She needed to have a "Diva-Super Star-Fashion Show-Hollywood Party"! I didn't have a hard time coming up with ideas for the party because Daisey already had it all planned out. There would be a red carpet, makeovers, a fashion show, dancing and we'd pick everyone up in a limo and go out to dinner at a fancy restarant. I had to draw the line at the limo and fancy restaraunt but the rest seemed easy enough.
Thank goodness I had plenty of helpers to pull it off! Thanks Mom, Clar, Brynn and Val! I don't think I could have got it all done without you! The decorations were as Diva as you could get! Like Clarissa said, "I just want to hug the room!"
Valerie was in charge of hair and make up. When Daisey came out in the fancy black dress that she just had to have with her hair and make up all done up I started to tear up! It was very surreal. I felt like she was going to a prom or something! She looked way too grown up!

When her guests started to arrive she was beside herself with excitement! And I have to admit I was pretty excited myself! It was so much fun to see each "diva" arrive. They were giggly and sassy and so much fun!

They danced!

They strut their stuff on the red carpet!

And so did we! Love my girls!

They posed for pics! Thanks Clar! They showed off for the camcorder! Thanks Brynners!

They played "Pass the purse" which is basically "hot potato" with a purse. They passed it to the music. Whoever was holding the purse when the music stopped was out. But they got to pick out a prize inside the purse before sitting on the couch. I had all kinds of dollar store prizes. It was interesting to see how each girl reacted to her prize. They all unwrapped them at the same time and every single girl wanted to trade with someone else. Go figure! I don't have any pics of the game but it was fun.
And the cake, the cake was amazing! It was made by Ollie Law, cake maker extraordinare! She also made Isaac's awesome Spiderman cake! You can see more of her cakes here

I was very proud of Daisey for inviting Maggie to her party. She felt so grown up! Isaac, however had no desire to be around that many girls and glitter! He got to go play with his cousin Ethan.

All in all I think it went very well. The birthday girl was one happy diva!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Smile Pretty!

A couple weeks ago my awesome friend, Clar took some pictures of my kids. I knew they'd be awesome but I must say that she far surpassed my expectations! I'm thrilled with the way they turned out!
The only problem I have now is picking which ones to hang on my wall! How will I ever choose?
Here are some of my favorites, including my new background pic which I absolutely love!
And after you look at my beautiful babies you should go check out Clarissa's photography blog because it's amazing! Thanks Clar!