Friday, August 27, 2010

Back to School!

Yesterday was Daisey and Isaac's first day of school! Daisey is in 3rd grade and Isaac is in 2nd. They both feel so big and couldn't be more happy about going to a new school this year. It's close enough that they can walk or ride their bikes.
Maggie can't wait for the day that she starts school! But, I think she kind of enjoyed the alone time with mommy and daddy after a whole summer of teasing from her siblings! I'm happy to have her home for one more year!
Look how big they are compared to last year! Wow!

2nd and 3rd grade! That seems so big!

New backpack and bags! Daisey insisted on an over the shoulder bag this year. Mags insisted on a matching smaller one.
Off they go!

They both came home and announced that they had a great day and they love their new school!
After school snacks!
Aren't they the cutest? You can find them here and yes, they look super cute with faces but I didn't have time for that! The kids ate them up anyway!


I missed a lot this month while recovering. I think we always try to cram a lot of fun into August as the summer comes to an end. While I was home recovering Robert and the kids went swimming, to the park, to the fair and up the canyon.

One day when they left I was sleeping. Someone shut my bedroom door when they left and when I woke up I couldn't open the doorknob! I don't know how long I was in there until I finally figured out how to open it with my foot!
My Grandpa came to visit the week I had my surgery. I wish I'd been feeling better so I could have spent more time with him. I'm so glad for the time that my children get to spend with my grandparents. That special time is a gift that only grandparents can give.

Grandpa, Maggie, Adeline, Lauren, Noah, Daisey and Isaac

Reading a story to Daisey and Lauren

On the mend!

Well, it's been three weeks since my carpal tunnel surgery and I'm doing a little bit better every day. One thing I have had to learn in the last 3 weeks is patience! It seems like it's been months rather than weeks since I had surgery. I do a lot with my hands, so not being able to use them has been very frustrating for me. In my opinion this has been worse than being on bedrest during my pregnancies. At least I could crochet or sew or scrapbook to keep myself from going crazy! As I slowly regain use of my hands I feel like I'm regaining my independance, as well. I've had to depend on others to help me in nearly everything I do. My family has been awesome during my recovery! I'm so happy to be on the mend and have this whole carpal tunnel issue behind me!
This is me after I woke up from my surgery.

2 thumbs up! I'm still on good drugs and happy as a clam! The pain will come later.
Sad, bruised hands. They used the laser on my hands leaving only a small 2 inch scar on my wrist. Inside they made a 6 inch cut, so there is a lot more healing going on then I can see for myself.

My happy little helper! I needed helping doing nearly everything for the first few days.

My 8 year old make up artist!

My little tv buddy! I think we were watching "America's Funniest Home Videos" which he thinks is hilarious!

Silly girl! Also, notice all my pretty pictures and love notes that my kids made and hung on my closet doors! I feel so loved!
With lots of hugs, pain pills, ice and help from this guy I'm feeling so much better! We celebrated our 11 year anniversary on the 14th. And by celebrate I mean we went to my family reunion, I got worn out, came home, took my pills and passed out for the night while he entertained my family! What a guy! I think I owe him a date or a cookie or something!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

See ya in 4 weeks!

I'm having carpal tunnel surgery tomorrow. Hopefully it doesn't take 4 weeks for me to recover but that's what I'm planning on. If it takes less I will be pleasantly surprised! I'm having both of my wrists done. I thought if I'm going to do one I might as well do both and get it over with.

And with that I will leave you with a pic of Daisey's first sock monkey. She sewed it, stuffed it and named it Peace! Way to go Dais!