Monday, August 29, 2011

Who Lives in a Pineapple Under the Sea?

So, I'd gone grocery shopping and had started cutting up a cantaloupe. Both pretty mundane tasks, right? Nope, everything is exciting in this house!
Sidetracked, I left the room for a minute. When I came back, my counter looked like this!
Silly kids!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Ready or Not?

School started today! I can't even tell you how thrilled my kids were! Last night they were saying, "I can't sleep. I'm just too excited!" It was like Christmas Eve or something! This morning they were up bright and early and anxious to get going. I'm such a mean mom, forcing them to eat breakfast and brush their teeth first. And, if that wasn't enough I made them pose for pictures!
If you think Daisey looks like she's in pain, it's because she is. She burned herself really good on the curling iron this morning. Poor girl! She toughed it out and went to school with a bag of ice on her hand. Other than the sad face, I must say I've got some good looking elementary students!
This mancub can't wait to start his school day!
D didn't want any more pictures. Her hand hurt and she was ready to go. Maybe later?
Off they go!
After a fun filled school day they came home to sugar cookie pencils! I found the idea here  and knew I had to make them! Mine aren't as pretty, I cheated and used store bought cookie dough and I forgot fruit by the foot and used pink frosting instead. No one seemed to mind! They were a hit!
Isaac finds it hilarious that I'm encouraging him to chew on a pencil!
It's been a fun summer and I do miss them when they're gone but my kids really do love school and they thrive on a schedule, so I'm glad that school is back in session. I may be singing a different tune in a week when my baby starts kindergarten! But, we won't talk about that right now. *sigh*

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Look who got her ears pierced!

Mags wanted to get her ears pierced before she started school. Aren't those the cutest little ears you've ever seen?
She's also wanting to grow her hair out. It's long enough to put in a ponytail! We haven't been able to do that in years! I love seeing the back of her cute little neck!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Demolition Derby

Last weekend we headed to the Demolition Derby for a smashing good time! (Pun intended. Yes, I'm cheesy.) The kids had never been to the derby before and it had been years since Robert and I have gone. Well, I can tell you that it's still just as awesome as ever and the kids had a blast! Who doesn't love watching cars crash and destroy each other?

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

12 Years Baby!

A dozen roses. A dozen donuts. A dozen wonderful years!

Lava Fun!

Lava Hot Springs is always a fun time! It's something we do with Robert's family every year and we always look forward to it. This year was no exception. We had a blast and we have the sunburns to prove it!
This whole weekend was a lot of fun. We went to Bear Lake with Uncle Alan and Uncle Aundra (when I say we I mean them, I spent my day with my friend, Mr. Migraine. Boo!) I don't have pics to share but I do know that they had a great time. They haven't stopped talking about it!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Where have I been you ask? Busy I tell you! The summer is nearly over and we've been trying to squeeze as much fun out of it as we possibly can! Actually, I've started this post a few times with the intention of highlighting our fantastical summer list and then following up with posts as we cross the activities off.
Clearly, that hasn't happened. But, I can tell you that our list is more than half way done and it's a good thing too because the summertime fun will come to an end in  16 DAYS! (No, that wasn't excitement you heard in my voice....I'll be very sad to see them head back to school....)
Anywho....backtracking a bit here and we'll get you all up to speed.
(Also, blogger is being a brat! I don't know why but some of my pics are loading up sideways and no matter how many times I try I can't fix them. Grr!)
June took awhile to warm up. There were a lot of rainy days with some sunny days mixed in. We spent the sunny days like this:
We went on a nature walk and collected "all the colors of the rainbow". We found this idea here. I don't think I'll ever forget the wonder and magic in her eyes as she searched for the different colors. I highly recommend this for the child in your life!
Glitter Toes Baby!

We went to the Farmer's Market for the first time. I hadn't been in years and I was amazed at how much there was to see there! So much more than fruits and vegetables! There were arts and crafts and activities for the kids. It made for a great morning!
Every year we enjoy the Summerfest and this year was no exception. The plethora of arts and crafts and music and food is something we always look forward to! The kids had so much fun, we ended up going twice!
Next up, Father's Day! We bought toasted almonds at the Summerfest for Father's Day. Yum!
On our last Girl's Day my friend, Clarissa took these awesome pics of my kids for this Father's Day gift. It turned out so cute!
We also made this beaut (find it here) with the kid's hand prints. Aww....
We're NUTS about you Grandpa!
Sometimes my dad's birthday falls on Father's Day but this year his birthday fell on the Monday after. It's kind of fun to celebrate both Father's Day and his birthday close together. Double the Dad fun!  
Dad's work Lagoon Day is usually around his birthday, so that's how we like to celebrate it!  We started the day out together but before long Daisey was off to the big kid rides with Val. We hung out in kiddie land with Maggie and Isaac. They weren't too sure about all the roller coasters and scary rides.

Alan and Andra met up with us in the afternoon and they talked the kids into trying out some new rides like the flying aces.
This is one of the few pics I got of Daisey because she was all over the place riding all of the rides!
My allergies started acting up so I took my "just in case" benedryl. (On top of claritin and zyrtek, mind you.) The benedryl started to make me drowsy so I rode a few roller coasters to wake me up.
That worked for a little while but I ended up leaving early with Maggie and my dad. Robert stayed with Daisey and Isaac and Alan and Aundra. Apparently Isaac became a lot braver after we left. It's so fun that they're getting older and enjoying the big rides!
When I got home I looked like this:

Fun times. Unfortunately I've spent a lot of the summer looking like this! This summer has been a killer as far as allergies go!
Someone got a new bike! Maggie has been riding Daisey's hand me down bike for the last couple of years. The bike was very loved by Daisey before Maggie got it. The tires were bald, the seat was cracked, the training wheels had issues. The handles bars fell off and that was the last straw! It was time for a new bike! Mags isn't quite tall enough for a big bike. Her little legs simply aren't long enough to move the pedals. She picked out this cute, pink Barbie bike, complete with a bell, a basket and a bike for Barbie!

We've had many a happy campfire in our backyard. The kids are growing up and getting so big I almost think they could start up the fire and roast up hot dogs on their own! Not that we'd let them, but still, they're becoming quite the camp roast pros!
Yum! Hot dogs!
We love smores!
Yep. That's a hot dog smore. He's a strange one but we love him!
Of course, I like my smores crispy, so I'm not one to talk!

Robert fixed and painted the screen door. Isaac helped. Just days later Isaac tripped and fell through the door. Ironic? Don'tcha think?
We have 4 baby cows in the field in our backyard. My suggestion to name the John, Paul, George and Ringo was shot down in about10 seconds flat. The Power Puff Girls won the name game. It's ok. I'm not bitter.
And Mojo Jojo
This guy likes to stick his head through the hole in the fence and demand grass!

And, speaking of animals, we have a baby woodpecker living in our tree. Isn't he cute?
Isaac learned a new trick. Oh my holy crap! It scares me!
We had a picnic at 1st Dam. Always a fun time!
Who doesn't love a good drumstick?

Feeding the ducks
Maggie insisted that I come see the angry goose that was yelling at her. After checking it out we discovered that the angry goose was a mother goose and just trying to protect her babies. In the picture you'll see bread crumbs but if you look closer you'll see a couple of eggs, as well. It was a pretty cool learning experience. The mama goose and the papa goose would not leave the nest for bread crumbs! They were all about protecting those eggs.