Monday, March 28, 2011

Donkey Basketball!

Yep! You read that right!Last week was the annual Donkey Basketball game at our local highschool. I'd honestly never heard of such a thing! Basically, the players play basketball-while riding donkeys! The kids and I went with my dad to the game and laughed our heads off! The pictures really don't do it justice. It was hilarious!

Only in Utah......

Friday, March 25, 2011

Kiss me, I'm Irish!

Well,not really but everyone's Irish on Saint Patrick's Day! We haven't always made a big deal out of this holiday. We wear green and maybe add some green food coloring to our food. This year Daisey learned about Saint Patrick in school. She came home and told us all about how Saint Patrick was a priest who used the shamrock to teach the Irish people about the Trinity. You can read more about him here
Anyway, the kids got really excited about Saint Patrick's Day.
We ate green foods.
Green eggs and ham with green blueberry muffins and green orange juice.

A leprechaun man sandwich with a cucumber tie and lemonhead "gold", grapes, pretzels, cheese shamrocks, a shamrock cookie and green bug juice.

Green cheesy chicken and broccoli rice casserole, biscuits,green pears and green milk.

AND rainbow jello!

I made some crafty green things.

Then,of course Maggie had to make some green crafts too.

You can expect to see more mantel display pics, as Maggie insists on it. "Take a picture of the fireplace with ME in it Mom!" Isn't she a cute little Vanna White?
I also made some girly shamrock bows for my girls, although Daisey ended up wearing a springy headband and Maggie only wore her's for half the day. Still, they were fun to make and I framed a couple for decoration.

Daisey wanted to do a Saint Patrick's Day craft so she googled it and came up with this hand print rainbow. It turned out really cute!

Now, last but not least, how cute are MY little leprechauns?

Isaac asked him if I'd make him a green beanie to wear on Saint Patrick's Day. I showed him a picture of a pattern I had for one. It had a felt shamrock sewn on it and I thought it would be cute for my little boy to wear. He took one look at it and said, "Um, ok Mom. But, how about without the clover thing? Do you know how old I am?" Haha! I guess he's growing up!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

5 year old fashion

She's a big girl. She dresses herself. And yes, she rocked one sock all day!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

February Craftiness

We moved into this house almost four years ago and until recently I really hadn't cared much about decorating it, because for one, this house was supposed to be a tempory stepping stone to our own home (yeah, we're still here, living the dream!)and two our land lord is very particular about what he will allow in his house. For instance, no nails in the walls, sticky hooks are to be used instead.
Well, since quitting my job and being home with Mags I've had more time for crafting and decorating the house has become a fun hobby for me. And Maggie too. She's the boss around here, you know!
I did a little bit of crafting around Christmas but I went all out for Valentine's Day! There were so many fun projects I stumbled upon that I'll admit I became somewhat obsessed!
This blog is not only a fun way to keep in touch with family and friends. I also use it as my personal scrapbook/journal and plan to make it into a book for my family one day. So, it seems like just the place to share my craft projects. But, if I become one of those "look at me! look at me! craft bloggers" please shoot me!
My first February craft was discovered by my awesome friend, Clar. I believe she found it here. We thought we'd have a fun girl's night and make a wreath while we watched a movie. We thought we could finish it in one night! Haha! We now know that was ridiculous! It wasn't that it was a difficult craft but it was very time consuming! I've lost count how many hours I spent cutting felt and hot gluing it into rossettes! I think it was worth the glue gun burns!

I made this with the leftover rosettes:

I found this baby here and fell in love with it!

I LOVE this burlap banner but I don't love the $48 price. I made my own for $4.Does it make it cuter because it was so inexpensive? I think so! Maggie likes it. Isn't she funny?

This one I saw at a craft store a couple years ago. It cost about a dollar to make. Gotta love decorating on the cheap!

Heart Garlands=Love!
Guess what this one was made out of?
My version of this

Thank you Little Birdie Secrets for this tutorial!

Remember the 90's rag wreaths? This is the garland version of it. And it makes me happy to walk down the stairs!

What do you do when you browse the card aisle for and hour and still can't find the perfect card for your honey? Make your own I say!
This is what happens when you give your children a giant cardboard heart, potatoe heart stamps and random craft supplies! I love those little creative minds!

The tp Valentine butterflies were just for fun. The Valentine inchworms we found here. We also made them for Daisey's class party.

There were so many Valentine bows I wanted to make, like these made by my cousin, Shirley. But, I ran out of time and ended up making this one:

Maggie seemed to like it! Daisey insisted on a style that she found here

More fun things I WANTED to make, but hey, there's always next year!