Saturday, July 12, 2008

Adventures of the Pirate Princess and the little pink cast

Maggie loves the trampoline. Maggie loves to bounce on the trampoline. Maggie bounced too high on the trampoline and Maggie landed on her leg funny. That made her leg sad. Maggie cried a lot but she was very brave.
Maggie went to see the doctor. The doctor said she'd be fine because she could move her leg and wiggle her toes. "Come back if it doesn't feel better tomorrow" he said.
Maggie went home and cried all night long. Her leg did not feel better tomorrow. Maggie went back to see the doctor. She wanted to take her pirate hat to help her be brave. The pirate hat helped a lot. Maggie was very brave.
The doctor put a big pink "band aid" called a cast on Maggie's sad leg. It's the cutest little pink cast I've ever seen! Maggie hates the cast. She has threatened to cut it off with her plastic scissors.
Maggie has to wear the litte pink cast for a week, then she gets to go see the doctor again.
Maggie is a grumpy little bear. Did I mention she hates the cast? Wish us luck! :)


Eric and Brynn said...

Poor Maggie! But she does look cute with the pink cast on. Hope you are doing better Maggie!

Chambers Family said...

That is a great idea to bring the pirate hat. My dad being the attorney that he is made all of our friends sign waivers if they jumped on our tramp. I was so embarrassed at the time:) Good Luck with the cast week! Hopefully it's just one!