Thursday, August 28, 2008

School Days!

Our kids are growing up! Where did the time go?
Daisey started FIRST grade this year! She is thrilled to be going to school ALL DAY, eating lunch in the cafeteria and riding the bus!
Isaac just started KINDERGARTEN! He goes to school in the morning and is home by lunchtime. He's quite the cool kid sporting his Iron Man backpack!
Little Miss Maggie is very, very sad about the whole school situation. If you ask her about it she'll tell you that she is five years old and that her mean parents won't let her go to school with her siblings. We're thinking about adopting a pet monkey to keep her company.

Our little Diva!

The man cub!

The Mags before her meltdown!


nate_clarlaw said...

Seriously, when did they get so big! Daisey, you look beautiful and adorable, and Isaac, you look like a total stud! Miss Mags - your turn will come soon - until then, you get to hang out with your awesome mom all day! What a fun life that would be!

Chambers Family said...

Wow are they ready for school or what?? I can't believe that summer has slipped by AGAIN. Where does it go? I love the celebration cake and cupcakes for school. Does that make them more excited for it? They are still in that age huh? After the first day after pepping Tina up for it, she told me at the end, "Mom, it wasn't really THAT fun." I think I looked more forward to it than she did:)

Nells-Bells said...

Your kids are ADORABLE! I cannot believe Daisy is in 1st GRADE!! Wow. Isaac looks just like Bob, if you ask me. So, so crazy. Where does the time go??