Saturday, January 10, 2009

Three Candles on her Cake!

Or three candles on her waffle in this case!
We celebrated from the moment Miss Maggie woke up to the moment she fell asleep!
Thrilled to be three!
Happy Birthday presents!
How cute is that little pink couch and
the "Cherry Blossom Market"?
How cute is that little princess smile?
Hooray for birthday cupcakes!
Make a wish Mags!
Birthday cake compliments of
Daisey and her Easy Bake Oven!
What a happy Birthday Girl!
What a happy day!


Emily Cannon said...

Hi Britt and Bob! You kids are so big! and adorable:) Is cute maggie the one you were offering? j/k. I'm so glad I found your blog:)

Nells-Bells said...

so cute! i want that waffle! it looks so good. glad she had a great day. :)