Sunday, February 22, 2009

February fun!

February is almost over. Here's what we've been up to this month:
On February 1st I turned 29! Just ask my kids, "that's really really old"! I had fun celebrating with family and friends!
My family at Mandarin Garden for a birthday dinner for Valerie and I
Daisey, me, my mom and Val

Val and Dad
Cousins! Ethan and Isaac
how hot is my husband in his work uniform? :)

Maggie Mo
We took the kids to see "Bolt" at the movie theater. Cute flick! I think we'll have to buy that one when it comes out!
We made these masks after searching for a "fun craft" at Walmart. Frankly, they kind of freak me out! Especially when I'm talking on the phone at night in a dark room and seeing one of those masks "floating" toward me at about 3 feet high! haha

Maggie has been really sick. If having the croupe wasn't bad enough, she got a raging urinary tract infection that kept her pretty miserable for a few days! Poor baby!
We had a very happy Valentine's Day involving cookies and chocolates and flowers!
cookies and cuppycakes!
Pretty flowers! Pretty Maggie!
Eww! Gross mom!

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Eric and Brynn said...

love the pictures! Your family is so adorable!