Sunday, March 29, 2009

Oodles of Noodles and Fun!

Do you like how I'm finally getting around to posting this Clar? We can't all be as on top of things as you! :)

Anywho...a couple weekends ago my friend Clar and I were hanging out while our husbands went to a movie. Normally I would say that was very rude and why didn't they take us with them, but we really didn't want see that movie and were content to go to the craft store instead.

And of course, the kids wanted me to buy them something, it doesn't matter where we go, they will find something they NEED and I just absolutely MUST buy it for them! This time it was noodles. Not just any kind of noodles, mind you, they were magic noodles, crafty noodles made out of cornstarch that dissolve in water, but interestingly enough they do not dissolve in the toilet!
We had hours of fun! I have pictures to prove it!

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nate_clarlaw said...

Yay for noodles of fun! It really was a fun day! Can we play this weekend? I miss you!