Friday, October 23, 2009

Small, Dark and Handsome!

Check out Isaac's black hair! After coloring a friend's hair I had extra black color. Isaac begged for it and I thought, "why not?" It will grow out in 3 weeks anyway!

And after much convincing I agreed to put one tiny red piece in Daisey's hair. Oh yeah! How cool is she?!

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Shirley Hale said...

It's almost Halloween, you can get away with anything! It's not even as close to as bad as when my dad completely shaved Steven's head, like skin-head shaved, and Steven put a popper thing on his forehead. So he had a skin head and a bright red circle on his forehead. He got sent to the principals for being possibly gang related. He was in 3rd grade. This right here of your kids... cute. :D (Oh and that week was school pictures. hahahaha)