Sunday, July 11, 2010

Blog Slacker #2

Yes, I remember I promised I would be better at keeping up with my blog and I had every intention of doing so.....and then our computer crashed.....dun dun duuuun! Thankfully our new one is working great!
So here it goes, another 3 month catch up with Bob and Britt and kids!
Soccer! In Utah soccer season starts at the end of March and ends in May. Craziness I say! We had a few games with really nice weather but Daisey and Isaac played quite a few in the rain, snow and hail!
I don't have pictures of them wearing sweats under their uniforms and snow hats on their heads but believe me, it was cold!
School let out at the beginning of May, it's been a long summer!
The teacher gifts were all Daisey's idea. She wanted to plant flowers and paint "Thank you for helping me GROW" on the pot. How cute is that? We actually painted the pots with chalkboard paint and the kids wrote the sentiment and their names on them. We added foam handprints with their names on them. Maggie insisted on giving "her teacher" one too. That would be Grandma Diane because she goes to preschool at her house. I think they turned out really cute! I should have made one for myself!
Their teachers this year have been awesome! We'll miss them!
Mother's Day Flowers!
The kids made sachets for their grandma's from a tutorial we got here.
Robert had a birthday and joined me in the big 3-0! This is him on his birthday, a model of maturity.
New nephews!
Congratulations to Zack and Erika on their little one, Zaydan!
And congratulations to Nicole and Aaron on their little one, Daniel!
Aren't they sweet? Awww.....
Look who got a retainer! She's very excited about it!
Isaac went to a Star Wars party. This is what a Jedi with a mohawk looks like! Oh yeah!
And snow in June! WHAT?!!
Remember our new suburban? We love our suburban! Bertha is her name. Maggie calls her
"Su-Bertha". It's very cute! Anyway, 1 suburban named Su-Bertha +1 tired daddy getting out of the suburban to open the garage door + forgetting to put the suburban in park =
Oops! Thank goodness for insurance!
We went and saw Shrek 4 in 3D. It was a cute pic and I LOVE this pic of my family in 3D glasses!
Daisey has been growing her hair out for years but decided she wanted to chop it off to her chin. She looks so big!
Father's Day! They gave him an awesome handprint fish card (instructions) and a tool belt full of cool "daddy things" including a flashlight, batteries, nails, a pencil, a notebook and lots of candy! Basically I let them go crazy at Family Dollar!
They sure love their Daddy!
And last, but not least, new cows! Last year's were Tom and Jerry. The year before the cows were named Pinky and The Brain. This year the kids have named them Ren and Stimpy! Haha!

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