Monday, December 13, 2010

He's Eight!

What's happened to this little guy?

He eats his vegetables like a good boy and is growing like a weed! No more chubby cheeks and he's grown a little taller!

Today is Isaac's eight "happy birthday to him." I love that he still calls it that! He also told me that he is growing into a man and that he will do amazing things in his life, like give money to the poor and be an astronaut....or maybe a hamburger cooker guy.
He cracks me up! If there's one thing I can say for Isaac, it's that he is one funny little man! He makes me laugh everyday! He's thoughtful and sweet, brave and wise beyond his years. I don't know what we'd do without him in our family! He sure is patient with those sassy sisters of his! There's nothing he wouldn't do for them!
Yesterday Isaac had a family birthday party with his Grandma Diane (we won't say how old she is, I don't want to get in trouble!)He was sure Isaac about all those people showing up just to "celebrate him being borned." We really do try to work on his grammar, but I must admit I love his way with words!
*Pics of the party to follow*


Shirley said...

Happy Birthday Isaac! Brittany you are the cutest mom. Your kids are going to love reading what you say about them and what you love about them. And they seem so amazing and I know it has a lot to do with their amazing mom. :)

Diva Daisey! said...

Hey,that's my brother.