Saturday, April 2, 2011

April Fools!

We love April Fool's Day at our house! We never do anything too mean, just silly little jokes. Although, Val did tell the kids that we were getting a puppy and then broke their hearts when she yelled "April Fools!" That's pretty mean.
Anyway, I love messing with my family and doing silly things with food. You may remember the ice cream mashed potatoes, the chicken fingers or my personal favorite, the "fauxberry pie"! Well, this year's genius idea came from Our Best Bites-spagetti and meatball CUPCAKES! They had lots of other fun cupcake ideas that I'll have to keep in mind for next year too. The spagetti and meatballs are cupcakes. The salad, corn and peaches are really salad, corn and peaches. The "Kool Aid" is Jell-O! Have you ever tried drinking Jell-O through a straw? It's not an easy feat! The pics really don't do these cupcakes justice! They looked awesome and my kids were totally fooled! I totally forgot to get a pic of them laughing when they figured it out but it was great!

Now,none of these food pranks even come close to the day I fooled Robert on April 1, 2003. Our baby, Isaac was 4 months old and our little Daisey was 19 months old. A girl at the salon I worked at was pregnant and I thought it would be hilarious to have her take a pregancy test for me to show to my husband. Well, indeed it was! I left the positive test on the bathroom counter for Robert to see and lay on the bed "crying". Of course, I had to hide my face in the pillow so he couldn't see me smiling (I'm not the best liar/actress!) He stayed in that bathroom for a good ten minutes (probably doing relaxation exercises for fear of a heart attack!) Then he came out and assured me that it would be alright, that SOMEHOW we would manage. Don't worry! I only let him believe it for like 2 minutes because I was laughing so hard! He was a mess of emotions:shock, relief,joy, anger and I'm sure he was truly impressed by the hilarious evil genius that he married! Boohoowahahahahahahahahaha!!!


nate_clarlaw said...

I was telling Nate about your spaghetti & meatballs, and the special jell-o drinks this morning! You're such a creative mom!

Sorry I had to bail last night, thanks for your help with how to help Nate!

Chambers Clan said...

You are too cute! I love your decor, your pranks, and your cute family!! We have to hang out this summer! I sure miss u guys:) My mom thinks Isaac is so cute:)