Sunday, October 26, 2008

6 random things tag

I was tagged by my friend Jenni to list 6 random things about myself. The rules:Link to the person who tagged you List the rules Tag six fellow bloggers.Leave them a comment so they know they've been tagged.
1.All 5 of my younger siblings are taller than me!
2. I've decided that my addiction to Diet Coke is not an addiction at all, it's a love affair!
3. I had my first kiss in 5th grade behind the dumpster at the elementary school!
4. I like to make smiley faces out of the leftover food on my plate when I go out to eat. I'd like to say that I do it to entertain my children, but I've been doing it since way before they were born!
5. I finally jumped on the bandwagon and read Twilight. I stayed up until 2 am to finish it! I think I'm hooked!
6. I color coordinate my closet. I color coordinate my kid's closet. It's a sickness, I know.
I tag Clar, Brynners, Kate, Mel, Augest and Janelle!

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Chambers Family said...

That is fun to read. I'll have to think, but yes! we do need to get together...It has been too long and I'd love to have a game night! :)