Monday, October 13, 2008

I tag myself!

Ok, so I wasn't tagged, but I saw this one on Dave and Mel's page and I wanted to play! :)
2 names you go by:Britt, MAAAAAWMMEEEEEE!!!!
l2 things you're wearing right now:sweatshirt and jeans
2 things you want very badly at the moment:a diet coke! I'm out, will I survive?! and a new car, because we've simply outgrown our little neon.
2 favorite pets you've had:Tiffany, the little Shih Tzu we had growing up and because he makes my children happy, Lenny, the big fat guinea pig (not because he stinks and poops!)
2 things you did last night:Went to my mom's house and made a crafty ghost, came home, put the kids to bed and watched tv.
2 longest trips you've taken in the last 5 years:Last year we went to Seattle to visit my sister, Mel. For our 5 year anniversary we went to Vegas. Sadly, we haven't really gone anywhere lately!
2 favorite holidays:Christmas, of course! Especially since we've had kids, there's nothing like watching the magic of the season through a child's eyes! And Halloween! It's just fun!
2 favorite beverages:Diet Coke, breakfast of champions! Kool Aid, I don't just make it for the kids!
2 people I tag:Brynn and Clar

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Chambers Family said...

You are so funny. thanks for tagging yourself! I always have a hard time coming up with people to tag! I love the diet coke and crafty ghost. I hope to see it on your blog! I need ideas for Halloween