Tuesday, December 30, 2008

A Merry Little Christmas!

Christmas truly is the most wonderful time of the year! There is nothing better than experiencing the magic of the holidays through the eyes of a child! We are truly blessed to be able to enjoy the joy of our three little ones! They really got into it this year, buying gifts, and making treats, decorating the house, wrapping presents and singing songs.
our Christmas gingerbread house
Santa's little helper trimming the tree
We enjoyed a Christmas Eve dinner at our house with Britt's family. There was good food, fun presents, holiday music and fun all around! Later in the evening we headed over to Grandma Diane's to celebrate with Robert's family where we enjoyed more food and fun!

Christmas cousins!
holiday hugs!
Isaac loves Grandpa George!
The kids were anxious to get home and go to bed (yeah....it happens once a year!) so Santa would make his way down the chimney. After opening Christmas pajamas, hanging our new ornaments and laying out our "Christmas circles" the kids opened the doors to the fireplace to welcome Santa in to our living room and they made sure they left out milk and cookies for the big guy too!

Pajamas, ornaments, happy kids
hurry Santa!
"Christmas circles"
Christmas morning came early and the kids were thrilled with their gifts! Santa was good to us this year! Our house was filled with Barbies and dollies and cars and trucks and super heroes and wrapping paper and ribbons! After the mixture of chaos and joy that we call Christmas we left our disaster of a living room and made the rounds to the grandparent's houses where the gift giving extravaganza continued! As much as we enjoyed the Christmas snow it bordered on ridiculous by mid afternoon but we braved the snow and made it back home where we enjoyed a wonderful Christmas nap! As much as I love Christmas I always breathe a sigh of relief Christmas evening and pat myself on the back for making it through another year! All in all we had a very happy holiday!
Christmas morning
sleepy excitement!
Hulk hands!
Easy Bake Oven=one very happy Daisey!
Go fish!
Daisey Elaine meets Kit Kitridge
Snuggly Wuggly!
We are indeed grateful for the season's greatest gifts: the warmth of family and friends, the blessings of health and happiness, and the love of Christ that lives within our hearts throughout the year.
Wishing you all happy holidays! May your home be warm with Christmas cheer and peace abide throughout the year.
Much love, us


Eric and Brynn said...

I love all your photos! What a darling happy family. You are so grown up! Where did the time go? Looks like you guys had a great holiday. Excited to see you tonight!

Nells-Bells said...

wow! looks like you guys had so much fun! i love all the pics. your kids are so cute!