Sunday, April 5, 2009

Official Village Idiot...with a bump on the head to prove it!

How did I do this you ask? Well, hanging shirts in a stockroom is a tough job. It can be dangerous, you know.
I dropped a hanger on the floor, bent down to pick it up off the floor and BAM! I hit my head right smack into the conveyor belt . Oops.

But at least I have a green Scooby Doo band aid to make me feel all better!


Eric and Brynn said...

we love Britt! Glad you are okay. :)

Chambers Family said...

Hey there, just thought I'd catch up...How are you?? That does hurt and I always feel like an idiot when stuff like that happens to me, (which is WAY too often!) I love the noodles, feather masks, and April fool's day fun. You are so good about celebrating things. They always sneak up on me and I am never prepared...Oh well:) I hope your head feels better...Scooby Doo does have that effect.