Sunday, September 27, 2009

Dear Daisey,

This embarrassed her last year so I felt it was necessary to do it again! That's right,the dreaded birthday letter! Someday she'll thank me!
Dear Daisey,
Happy Birthday to my favorite diva! I can't believe that I am a mother to an eight year old! Everyone always says "Kids grow up so fast" but you don't fully understand just how fast until it's your baby girl growing up before your eyes!
You're in such a hurry to grow up! But just so you know, it's fine with me if you take your time, it's going by fast enough!
One of my favorite things about you is that you're never afraid to be yourself. You're just you! It doesn't matter if someone thinks you're silly or weird, you don't hide any part of who you are! You are honest and true to yourself. I hope you never lose that! Sometimes I wish I could have the confidence and honesty of an eight year old girl!
You have a heart as big as the moon and you're so willing to share it! I love that I get to be your mom and feel your love everyday! You're an amazing girl and I'm proud of you!
Love, Mom

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