Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Where have I been you ask? Busy I tell you! The summer is nearly over and we've been trying to squeeze as much fun out of it as we possibly can! Actually, I've started this post a few times with the intention of highlighting our fantastical summer list and then following up with posts as we cross the activities off.
Clearly, that hasn't happened. But, I can tell you that our list is more than half way done and it's a good thing too because the summertime fun will come to an end in  16 DAYS! (No, that wasn't excitement you heard in my voice....I'll be very sad to see them head back to school....)
Anywho....backtracking a bit here and we'll get you all up to speed.
(Also, blogger is being a brat! I don't know why but some of my pics are loading up sideways and no matter how many times I try I can't fix them. Grr!)
June took awhile to warm up. There were a lot of rainy days with some sunny days mixed in. We spent the sunny days like this:
We went on a nature walk and collected "all the colors of the rainbow". We found this idea here. I don't think I'll ever forget the wonder and magic in her eyes as she searched for the different colors. I highly recommend this for the child in your life!
Glitter Toes Baby!

We went to the Farmer's Market for the first time. I hadn't been in years and I was amazed at how much there was to see there! So much more than fruits and vegetables! There were arts and crafts and activities for the kids. It made for a great morning!
Every year we enjoy the Summerfest and this year was no exception. The plethora of arts and crafts and music and food is something we always look forward to! The kids had so much fun, we ended up going twice!
Next up, Father's Day! We bought toasted almonds at the Summerfest for Father's Day. Yum!
On our last Girl's Day my friend, Clarissa took these awesome pics of my kids for this Father's Day gift. It turned out so cute!
We also made this beaut (find it here) with the kid's hand prints. Aww....
We're NUTS about you Grandpa!
Sometimes my dad's birthday falls on Father's Day but this year his birthday fell on the Monday after. It's kind of fun to celebrate both Father's Day and his birthday close together. Double the Dad fun!  
Dad's work Lagoon Day is usually around his birthday, so that's how we like to celebrate it!  We started the day out together but before long Daisey was off to the big kid rides with Val. We hung out in kiddie land with Maggie and Isaac. They weren't too sure about all the roller coasters and scary rides.

Alan and Andra met up with us in the afternoon and they talked the kids into trying out some new rides like the flying aces.
This is one of the few pics I got of Daisey because she was all over the place riding all of the rides!
My allergies started acting up so I took my "just in case" benedryl. (On top of claritin and zyrtek, mind you.) The benedryl started to make me drowsy so I rode a few roller coasters to wake me up.
That worked for a little while but I ended up leaving early with Maggie and my dad. Robert stayed with Daisey and Isaac and Alan and Aundra. Apparently Isaac became a lot braver after we left. It's so fun that they're getting older and enjoying the big rides!
When I got home I looked like this:

Fun times. Unfortunately I've spent a lot of the summer looking like this! This summer has been a killer as far as allergies go!
Someone got a new bike! Maggie has been riding Daisey's hand me down bike for the last couple of years. The bike was very loved by Daisey before Maggie got it. The tires were bald, the seat was cracked, the training wheels had issues. The handles bars fell off and that was the last straw! It was time for a new bike! Mags isn't quite tall enough for a big bike. Her little legs simply aren't long enough to move the pedals. She picked out this cute, pink Barbie bike, complete with a bell, a basket and a bike for Barbie!

We've had many a happy campfire in our backyard. The kids are growing up and getting so big I almost think they could start up the fire and roast up hot dogs on their own! Not that we'd let them, but still, they're becoming quite the camp roast pros!
Yum! Hot dogs!
We love smores!
Yep. That's a hot dog smore. He's a strange one but we love him!
Of course, I like my smores crispy, so I'm not one to talk!

Robert fixed and painted the screen door. Isaac helped. Just days later Isaac tripped and fell through the door. Ironic? Don'tcha think?
We have 4 baby cows in the field in our backyard. My suggestion to name the John, Paul, George and Ringo was shot down in about10 seconds flat. The Power Puff Girls won the name game. It's ok. I'm not bitter.
And Mojo Jojo
This guy likes to stick his head through the hole in the fence and demand grass!

And, speaking of animals, we have a baby woodpecker living in our tree. Isn't he cute?
Isaac learned a new trick. Oh my holy crap! It scares me!
We had a picnic at 1st Dam. Always a fun time!
Who doesn't love a good drumstick?

Feeding the ducks
Maggie insisted that I come see the angry goose that was yelling at her. After checking it out we discovered that the angry goose was a mother goose and just trying to protect her babies. In the picture you'll see bread crumbs but if you look closer you'll see a couple of eggs, as well. It was a pretty cool learning experience. The mama goose and the papa goose would not leave the nest for bread crumbs! They were all about protecting those eggs.
And how cute are these baby geese? Geeslings, goslings. Whatever, aren't they cute?
Does it get any prettier than this?
Or sweeter than this?
Mini golfing with Grandpa was lots of fun!
Mommy and Daddy went on a date and took Grandma's sweet car! Woo!
June Craftiness
My little model was right there but didn't want to be in the picture because her hair was messy. Silly girl! Now, I've seen a lot of beautiful spring mantles and I knew I wanted browns and yellows and blues but I didn't want it too bright. I was trying to go for more of a natural look.

I've seen these book wreaths all over the place and decided to try my hand at making one. Robert says I'm like a Nazi for destroying a book but I maintain that I did not destroy it, I made it in to art! I turned an old boring book into something beautiful. So- ha!

I really wish I'd taken before and after pics for this baby! I bought the frame at the thrift store for $2. It was some 70's looking print of an orange farmhouse with flowers. Not my thing. But I liked the look of the frame. So, I removed the print and the glass. I had my dad cut out a thin board to fit the frame and then painted it with chalkboard paint. I painted the frame white and distressed it using Dad's sander. I love that thing!  I felt like it still needed a little something so I made some fabric flowers and velcroed them to the frame, that way I can change the flower to match the season.
I painted the cute little dollar store bird turquoise. He's much happier now. I also covered some dollar store wiffle balls with raffia. I planned on making more with peas and beans but didn't get around to it. Really I think you could cover them in about anything and they'd turn out cute, plus it's much more cost effective than buying decorative balls at the store.
I've been wanting to wrap a W in twine for a while. But, I'm too cheap to buy a letter for $10 when I'm planning on covering it anyway. So, I cut a W out of cardboard and wrapped the twine around it, hot gluing it a little as I went. I bought 4 rolls of twine at the dollar store. Not bad for $4 eh?

Here are my vases, filled with split peas and white beans. Just the right colors at just the right price!

I made a couple more wreaths. You may have noticed, I have a thing for wreaths these days. But, I only have 2 doors, so I made one for my mom and one for my niece.

My mom loves yo yo's!
I ran out of burlap for this one so instead I cut up some cordorouy pants that are in the "camping quilt" bin. I love the way it turned out!

On to July
Yeah, you can't really tell but these are fireworks! I forgot my camera and just had my phone. It's pictures aren't great. A couple years ago we tried watching the fireworks from a park with soccer fields. It's quite the popular place. There are lots of people and kids playing together so we've gone back. We took our blanket and some popcorn and cuddled up for the show. Lots of fun!
We also went to the Cruise In, which was lots of fun but I forgot my camera and my phone that time so I just have pictures in my memory. It's something we always look forward to.
I wish I could say that this was our cute 4th of July photo op but this was weeks prior after making these cute pinwheels.

They looked so cute on the 4th in their red, white and blue clothes. I went inside to frost cookies and when I came back out they looked like this:
We also made this amazing red, white and blue fruit pizza. You can find the recipe here. Our's doesn't look at pretty but it tasted amazing!

And I didn't even get a pic of this guy until he finally stopped moving!

It was a fun day but more importantly I feel very blessed to be able to celebrate our freedom. I'm so proud of my children. I am always amazed at the pride they have for their country. I think sometimes it's easy to take it for granted. My kids are good examples of what it is to be proud, patriotic Americans.

July Crafting
I made this sweet wreath out of strips of denim and red, white and blue fabric flowers. It was kind of an experiment but I love the way it turned out!
Patriotic ragamuffin garland!
Our festive fourth of July mantle
Daisey and I followed this tutorial via saltwaterkids. Didn't she do an awesome job? I cut everything out but Daisey sewed them together. She's quite the crafty princess!
Here are the pinwheels we made. We bought the paper at Hobby Lobby. Do you like my red, white and blue vase filler? Cool beans huh? :)
I cut these stars out of fabric and ironed them onto burlap for this speciman art.
I made more decorative balls by covering the wiffle balls with twine and denim. 
Paper star garland!
Pom pom garland!
Paper strip garland!
We made the cutest little tp roll rockets(found on Martha). We used cupcake liners for the tops. The kids filled them with different things. They turned out cute. We should have had a party!
I saw this tutorial and couldn't resist it! We did it backwards. Oops! But, we still had fun! We'll have to try the paint on tin foil technique again sometime.
Robert's friend gave us his old basketball hoop.  We've been wanting to get one for a while so we were thrilled! The kids are in heaven and if they didn't live outside before, they definately are now!
How cute is this?
More water fun! The kids play in the water nearly every day. A kiddie pool, a sprinkler and a slip n' slide are necessities at this house in the summer! We made these sponge balls (see Betz White) They're a fun alternative to water balloons, as they're easy to "fill" and even if they just bounce off you, you'll still get plenty wet!

My mom's birthday is on the 24th of July so we got together as a family at Danny and Shayna's house for her party. It's always fun to get together but it's been a while. I can't believe how much all my nieces and nephews have grown! We had a delicious dinner with enchildas and salads. I brought the cupcakes and ice cream. Mom's favorite is german chocolate cake. I found a fabulous recipe for cupcakes. They were a hit and I will definately make them again!

It's so funny trying to get a picture of all the grandkids together! Someone is always making a funny face or picking their nose or falling off the couch! I couldn't pick a favorite so I'm posting all 3 of them.

I wonder where they get it!
My Prince Charming!

Maggie aka Princess Chocolate Face!
Reunions, painting, babies, painting.
That same week I pinched a nerve in my neck. Owwie!!! I wish I had a great story to tell you about how I did it but really I was just sitting in bed watching tv when out of the blue I started having muscle spasms. It felt like extreme charlie horses rushing through my neck and head.  I made it through the night with an ice pack and a lot of Ibprofen.
The next day I went to the chiropractor and after xrays, ultrasound and painful adjustments he told me I'd pinched a nerve that resulted in torticollis. I don't speak dr (or chiropractor, in this case) but basically it means that I'm glad I went to have it checked out because if it goes untreated you can end up with a head that hangs to the side permanently.
I went for adjustments, wore a neck brace and did stretching exercises every day for a week and it helped a lot. Honestly, it still hurts sometimes and has caused some killer headaches but if I keep up with the exercised and the Ibprofen I'm a happy camper.
My kids thought the neck brace was the most hilarious thing they'd ever seen. One morning I was getting after Maggie for getting in to my make up and she started laughing at me and said, "I'm sorry Mom, I just can't take you seriously in that neck brace!" Lovely.
Daisey suggested that I wear a headband with a flower over the neck brace to make it pretty. Oh yeah, what a difference!

At the end of July I had a much needed girl's day with my girls, Brynn and Clarissa. We went to the Olive Garden for lunch, JoAnne's for crafty shopping and then some crafty fun at my house afterward. Brynn had to bow out of the craftiness this time bc she had family in town. We'll forgive her this time!

We found these earrings and decided to make our own. What do you think?
This past weekend we went to the Hogle Zoo! Always a fun time!
My monkeys looking at the monkeys!
Looking at him, looking at us, looking at him....looking at us.....
Giddy up!
We love this sweet elephant family!
Baby Zuri, the elephant. Is she not the cutest thing ever?

How brave are my kid? (Clarissa-look away!They're touching something that starts with an s and ends with a nake!)
Mom? What's wrong with that camel's humps? Hmm...she does look a little lopsided...
What are you lookin at?!
A ride on the carousel was a great way to end the day!
After our trip to the zoo we met up with Alan and Aundra for dinner at Sizzler. Good food, good company, good times! 
And, that about sums it up for the summer. It's been a good one! We also had a couple of family reunions, the kids went on a camping trip with Sean and Angie while we painted some rooms in my mom's house (when I saw "we" I really mean Robert, I'm kind of like his side kick!), we've had some fun barbecues and get togethers, we've played, we've swam, we've crafted, we laughed,we've loved, we've lived! :) 


nate_clarlaw said...

Holy smokes! You weren't kidding when you send it was a long post! But, I LOVED every minute of it!! :) I'm glad you guys have had such a great summer! Your kids are so lucky to have such a wonderful mom!!

Shirley said...

I love your posts! I really do. I wish we were closer because I would want to be at your house everyday. Seriously! You do so much fun stuff and all your crafts are amazing! You are such a great mom and I love how much you enjoy it. Did you get a new camera? Your pictures are amazing! And to turn the pictures, just go into the picture file, turn it, then turn it back, then it should show up right. That's the only thing that's worked for me. Ugh. Blogger. Oh and I'm stealing your cardboard letter idea. Amazing! That is if I ever get around to decorating my house. :) love you!

Nancy said...

This may have been my most favorite blog post of all time. I love EVERYTHING. I love the colors outside activity you did with your daughter and all your crafty decorations. I would love you be YOU and be so talented to do all this. You are awesome. And amazing. I'm gonna have to use some of your ideas in the future. Love your blog!! I always forget people have blogs :( Including mine! But I'm getting better- slowwwwwwly! :)