Thursday, August 25, 2011

Ready or Not?

School started today! I can't even tell you how thrilled my kids were! Last night they were saying, "I can't sleep. I'm just too excited!" It was like Christmas Eve or something! This morning they were up bright and early and anxious to get going. I'm such a mean mom, forcing them to eat breakfast and brush their teeth first. And, if that wasn't enough I made them pose for pictures!
If you think Daisey looks like she's in pain, it's because she is. She burned herself really good on the curling iron this morning. Poor girl! She toughed it out and went to school with a bag of ice on her hand. Other than the sad face, I must say I've got some good looking elementary students!
This mancub can't wait to start his school day!
D didn't want any more pictures. Her hand hurt and she was ready to go. Maybe later?
Off they go!
After a fun filled school day they came home to sugar cookie pencils! I found the idea here  and knew I had to make them! Mine aren't as pretty, I cheated and used store bought cookie dough and I forgot fruit by the foot and used pink frosting instead. No one seemed to mind! They were a hit!
Isaac finds it hilarious that I'm encouraging him to chew on a pencil!
It's been a fun summer and I do miss them when they're gone but my kids really do love school and they thrive on a schedule, so I'm glad that school is back in session. I may be singing a different tune in a week when my baby starts kindergarten! But, we won't talk about that right now. *sigh*

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