Friday, September 16, 2011

Water Fun!

I wanted to share some fun pics from about a month ago. Our good friend, Brynn had knee surgery, so her kids got to come hang out with us while she was at the hospital. Daisey, Isaac and Maggie just love playing with Marisol and Omar! They get along great and have since day one. It's pretty cool!
It was still warm and sunny at the time so we spent most of the day playing outside. Ari was there that day too. The more the merrier!
The next day Brynn was tired and still in some serious pain, so my friend, Clarissa and I took the kids to the new Splash Pad.
They had a great time! It's too bad we discovered it at the end of the summer. I think we would have spent a lot of time there! But, there's always next year. I think even if Aunt Clarissa didn't always have fun toys and yummy treats and let the kids play with her camera, I'm pretty sure they would  love her all the same. But, it sure doesn't hurt! They ate all her candy and used up all the bubbles in her bubble wands. She's awesome!

So fun! Summer really wasn't long enough!

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