Friday, September 19, 2008

Happy Brithday Miss SEVEN year old Daisey!

Happy Birthday Daisey! 7 years old? Really? I can hardly believe it! Can you really be SEVEN already?!
Well, I guess when I really think about it you're not a little girl anymore. You're a big girl! It's the little things you do that tell me that you are definately a SEVEN year old! When you say, "Mom and Dad, I don't need you to meet me at the bus stop anymore. I can do it myself." (sniff) When you dance around the room singing to the "Jonas Brothers". When you sit at the computer and say, "Mom, how do you spell Hannah" When you come home with reading homework and ace it the first try! When you proclaim that barbies and dresses and cutesy socks and princesses are lame and High School Musical is cool! These are the things that I see you do that make me think, "Wow! My little girl is growing up!"
It's an emotion that I can't quite explain. I get a lump in my throat and I am filled with pride and love and joy. Sometimes I wish I could freeze time, just for a little bit and keep you small for just a little longer!
But, if you must grow up, you must! We are here to travel this journey with you! Live your life! Dream your dreams! Go ahead and grow up! We love you "little big girl"!

Baby Daisey (We don't have a scanner, so this is a picture of a picture...still, you get the idea!)

Seven year old Daisey

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