Sunday, September 7, 2008

The scissors incident

Yesterday Isaac asked, "Mommy, are you sad because you look like a boy?" Isn't he sweet?

And it occured to me that I never posted about what we now refer to as "the scissors incident".

It happened a couple of weeks ago. I spent the day cutting hair: neices hair, friend's hair, kid's hair. After cutting Maggie's hair she said she wanted to do mommy's hair. I gave her a brush and a spray bottle. I sat on the floor texting on my phone while Maggie played hair stylist. I hadn't cleaned up all my things, my scissors, comb and clippers sat on the table.

Apparently Maggie thought that if the brush and spray bottle were fair game then so were the scissors! I felt a snip by my ear and watched in horror as a big chunk of hair fell to the floor! Aaah! As I ran to the bathroom screaming Maggie proclaimed, "Me did it! Me cut Mommy's hair!" She was very proud!

Thankfully, my friend, Lorinda helped my hair. She didn't fix it, she helped it. She's good but she hasn't perfected the art of re-growing hair yet!

So, now thanks to my 2 year old, I have the short sassy hair cut that I've always been too chicken to get!

If you're impressed with the picture, feel free to call Maggie Mo for an appointment. Not only does she cut her own hair, she also cuts her Mom's! Grrrrrr....


Chambers Family said...

Well, I can't tell how it looks because of the dark background, but you would look cute in any hairdo I think! I remember when we had a little girl over here after her mom had cut hair all day and she formed an assembly line. She cut the other neighbor's hair, then the neighbor cut Tina's hair. How fun was that to tell the moms? I guess it makes life exciting:)

edutson said...

I think that is the coolest thing since ice-cream. Aren't kids the best!?! I hope all grows well.