Monday, January 18, 2010

Guess who's FOY?

I'm still playing catch up it seems and wondering where December went!
But ready or not our baby turned 4 on the 3rd of January. Another bittersweet moment, I love watching my kids learn and grow, I just wish they wouldn't do it so fast!
We love our Maggie Mo! She is such a joy in our lives! She's a little pistol full of sass and sweetness! She makes me smile every day and I'm so proud of the silly and smart, loving and feisty little girl she is!
Mags' birthday was on the 3rd but she got sick and said, "I want to do my party on another day when I feel good." So she spent most of the day watching cartoons in mommy's bed with a cold wash cloth on her head. Some birthday huh? We had to talk her in to blowing out her candles on the pretty princess cake that Grandma Marilyn made for her. Isn't it cute?

By the next Saturday she was feeling good as new and ready to party princess style! Her princess cousins arrived in fashion and as cute as can be! It was so fun to watch all of them play together in their pretty princess dresses!

Maggie's favorite Disney princess is Belle and she insisted on having a Belle dress for her party. I looked all over town and finally found one at Kmart. She was thrilled until she decided it was itchy and threw it on the floor! Thus, the yellow sweats under the yellow Belle dress!
We decorated princess tiaras. We read "The Princess and the Frog" (if you haven't seen this movie you must go! it's our new favorite!) We played "Pass the frog" (you know, hot potato with a twist).

We played "Place Cinderella in her tower" (again, pin the tail on the donkey with a twist).

We opened princessy presents and we ate princessy cupcakes and princessy ice cream

And the princess was very happy and all was good in her kingdom.
And also, princesses need flowers.

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Shirley Hale said...

Happy Birthday Maggie!! She is such a cute little girl. That party looked like so much fun. I wish I could be a princess for a day! :)