Monday, May 30, 2011

Belated Birthday

Happy Birthday to my best friend, father of my children, love of my life. (yeah, I'm super cheesy! But, it's my blog, I'll be cheesy if I want to!)
So, Saturday was Robert's birthday. The kids and I made him breakfast in bed. He requested pancakes with peach syrup and we were happy to indulge him. We even went all out and made buttermilk pancakes from scratch! Isaac pulled out the bisquik and said, "Wait, I thought this was from scratch!" So, yeah I don't make "real" pancakes or waffles very often. I go with what's quick and easy. Plus, I can't tell a difference because I don't eat pancakes or waffles! I know, I'm weird.

Maggie dropped egg shells in the batter and they thought this was hilarious!

We spent the day relaxing, playing games and had some fun at the park until it started to rain.
I took Robert out for a romantic birthday dinner at The Bluebird. We hadn't been there in awhile and it reminded me of when we dating and first married. Back before children we went on a whole lot more of dinner dates! Anyway, it was nice to get away and have a quiet meal together. The food was delicious! We even brought some chocolates back for the kids, so they weren't too mad at us for not taking them too.
Daisey took our picture as we were leaving.

We skipped dessert at the restaurant because we had a delicious chocolate mousse crunch cake at home waiting for us.
The recipe comes from my amazing new cookbook but you can also get it here at Our Best Bites.

Is it as good as it looks? Why, yes. Yes, it is!
We didn't have enough candles so we had to make a 31 out of the candles we did have.
Make a wish!

We also made rocky road ice cream in our ice cream maker. It was so yummy! But, I forgot to take pics.
The kids were thrilled to give their daddy his present! They spent a lot of time picking out all of his favorite treats. We watched "Gnomeo and Juliet" and Daddy was nice to share his yummy snacks!


Shirley said...

You are so cute. Can I come up there and take lessons on how to be an awesome mom and wife? They are so lucky to have you! I love the picture of you guys before your date. You are so pretty! And I realized something weird to me, that Jared is older than Bob, but then I realized that you guys are the same age so it made more sense. :) Jared is an old foagie. I hope Bob loved all his attention and gifts! And cake, yum!

nate_clarlaw said...

That looks like such a fun day!! PS - you look pretty hot in that pic of you & Bob!! ;)

D.I.M. Incorporated said...

Aww, thanks! *blushes*