Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Mother's Day

To all the mothers, mamas, madres, grandmothers, future mothers and mothers who have passed on. Happy (belated) Mother's Day to you!

Ever since I can remember I wanted to be a mother. When I was a little girl I had little dollies that I would mother all day long. In the morning I would get them up out of their cradle and get them dressed. I would feed them and change them and take them on walks. At night I would put their pajamas on and put them to bed. I remember singing a song about growing up and being a mother to little babies and giving them cookies and milk and yellow balloons. Anyone remember this song? Back then I wanted 6 little babies. And now? 3 is plenty!

Motherhood, as it turns out, is more than cookies and milk and yellow balloons. There was nothing about being puked on, peed on, pooped on in the song, not to mention fighting, screaming, slamming doors or preteen angst. HOWEVER, I wouldn't trade being a mother for anything in the world. There is not greater honor or blessing. I feel incredibly grateful to have these three amazing little people call me Mom!

Not only did I get "breakfast in bed", I got flowers and chocolate! They must love me!

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Clarissa said...

You are very loved, and not just on mothers day!! :)